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Carding is a process in which carders (people or websites like Cccardingsites, Bestccforcarding and Shopcvvdumps) test long lists of credit card numbers against payment systems to verify acquired details. Carders have their own payment channels that often involve communicating on forums on the dark web

Carders also engage in card cracking practices and make bots to get valid information. Bots can quickly check thousands of cards. Most carders, including Bestcvvshoponline2019 and Buycvvfullzonline, need this data to resell it to other people, but some of them also use cards to buy goods online
Credit card

Carders, including Dumpswithoutpin, Buyccdumpswithpin and Buycccarding, need to identify credit card credentials. Once they have a full data set, they can sell it on hidden marketplaces or use them for profits. Carding involves different activities, e.g. acquiring credit card numbers using bots or data-grabbing software
Fake cards

Carders often buy products and resale them at huge discounts. They can also make fake cards encoded with valid data to rack up charges. Pro carders, such as Unishopcc and Bestccdumps, can even sell these fake cards to withdraw real money from ATMs.